I love my life…but I’m giving it up and moving to Australia anyway.

Ok, internet, I’m putting it all out there. I’ve started this blog and I’m going to be really real: I’m not 100% sure what to say. But here’s a start:

I’m 25 years old. I live and work in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana. I’m quitting my job and am leaving for motherfucking Australia in a month where I’ll live for 6-ish months on a working holiday visa. I’ll be taking any job I can get in the hopes of being able to make enough for food, shelter and scuba diving.

Let me be clear, this blog is not a “I hated my job/city/house/life so I gave it all up and moved to a Carribean Island” kind of thing.

Here’s why:

1. First of all, I’m going to Australia- not the Carribean.

2. I did not hate my job. Sure, health insurance wasn’t the most exciting industry to be in but I actually enjoyed it and learned a TON about the inner workings of America’s health care system (spoiler alert- it’s very broken. But that’s a topic for a different blog post). I also got to work with a lot of great people- and the saying is true: the people make the place.

3. I moved back to my hometown after college, which wasn’t exactly the exciting kick off to the post-grad life that I had envisioned. Although, as far as hometowns go, Columbus doesn’t suck. It’s a family-oriented city with about 40,000 people. It’s driving distance to 5 big(ish) cities and has some of the best architecture in the country. Not too shabby. I really grew to love and appreciate my little Midwestern town.

4.I LOVED my Tiny House. I rented a 400 square foot house that most people would call a shit hole but I affectionately called it home. I know it’ll be one of the things I miss most while I travel- my own place.

TLDR: I’ve had a great first two years of adulting. But I’m still flipping the table on my life and going to motherfucking Australia. Why- you ask?

Because. Why the hell not? To be continued…

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