Because- why not?

To continue from my last post, I’d like to give some reasoning behind my drastic decision to quit my job and move to Australia for a few months.

Over the last two years I’ve been debating, analyzing, and contemplating what to do next in life. I thought my options were laid out pretty clearly: travel, go to grad school or get a new job. I knew that I didn’t want work in health insurance forever so the new job or grad school route seemed the most sensible. But then I started to think long-term. In 10 years from now, what do I want my life to look like? Or even longer-term, if I pictured 85-year-old Rachael, what would she think about the decisions I am making today?

Thinking in terms of 85-year-old Rachael has driven my most recent life choices. Because something I tend to forget is the fact that time is limited. Picturing 85-year-old Rachael forces time into a more appreciated perspective. Suddenly getting to experience a few months in Australia seems like an opportunity that is unlikely to so easily present itself again. So that begs the question- why not do it?

So while I did a “sensible” thing and applied for a graduate school program, I deferred my acceptance  for a year so I can take a few months to live and work in Australia. Because 85-year-old Rachael is never going to think back on scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and think “Nah, I really should have saved that money for retirement.”

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