Operation Ameristralia.

Two weeks till I leave for Australia! I’ve been planning for this the last couple of months with a project plan I named “Operation Ameristralia.” To give some context, about two years ago Reddit and the internet freaked out at the imaginary prospect of Australia and America joining forces to become one super-country named Ameristralia. Seemed a badass name for a badass adventure so I stole it.

My project plan is essentially an excel document that I used to track all the tasks I needed to complete before leaving. Here’s a few, just in case anyone else is planning their own Operation Ameristralia:

  • Buy plane ticket
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Get visa
  • Sell that random Ukelele you bought two years ago and never learned to play
  • Sell Go Pro/Car/iPad mini
  • Tell mom you’re going to Australia
  • Tell dad you’re going to Australia
  • Resign from job
  • Go to the dentist
  • Open a Chase Sapphire Credit Card
  • Terminate renter’s insurance
  • Update resume (aka make a CV)
  • Sign up for a house sitting website- Trusted House Sitter or Mind My House

Ok, so there’s definitely a lot of other stuff I’ve done to get ready that’s not on this list. But you get the gist!


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