First 4 Days in Aus

Ok, so this blogging thing is harder to stick with than I thought. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve been keeping a journal rather than write on here so I’ll to get on here more from now on…

Anyways, I’ve been in Australia for a little over 4 days and it’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. I’ve recovered from the trip, avoided jet lag the best I could, walked over 20 miles the first day just touring the city, and met the new family I will be Au Pairing for! It’s just crazy to think how much life has changed in the last two weeks alone but it’s definitely been an exciting few days. Here’s how I’ve spent the time so far:

I arrived on Thursday around noon and took the train from the airport then about 10 minutes to my hostel. I was exhausted after traveling 30 hours (flight time and layovers) but I didn’t want to make the jet lag even worse by falling asleep in the middle of the day. Plus, I’d slept about 8 hours on my plane ride from LA to Fiji.

After scanning the free map I picked up at my hostel I decided to head to Chinatown. The hostel wasn’t very close to the main downtown area or the harbor so I thought I’d stick to somewhere close at first. So I walked  and stopped every so often and meander through shops. I sat down for a quick bite to eat in Chinatown- dumplings, yum!- and then walked over to Hyde Park, a large park closer to central Sydney. The only thing about walking around so much was getting used to being in a big city again where cars drive on the left. Took my brain a little bit to adjust to that. It was about an hours walk back to my hostel where across the street there was a little park. All the trees are in bloom and it’s so pretty! Australia has trees that have a bright purple bloom, called Jacaranda trees, and I am OBSESSED with how pretty they are.

Back to the food for a second, Sydney has a TON of Asian food. Chinese, Sushi, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean- there’s like 10 on every street! It’s crazy but I’m pretty much in heaven. My first meals were dumplings, Bahn Mih (a Vietnamese roast pork sandwich) and sushi. All if it was bomb.

On my second day, I did a free walking tour that went closer to the main part of the city. It ended at Circular Quay, where the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are. It’s a gorgeous city. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s just stunning seeing the Opera House against the water with all the sail boats driving by. Quite amazing! After the walking tour, I went to a mall to get my phone set up. I now have 5 gigs of data and can make international calls on my new Aussie phone number, but I can’t text internationally so FB or Snapchat is the easiest way for me to message people.

I ended up moving hostels Friday night and the new one was much more social. I  met another American girl and we had a long talk about the current political situation. It’s interesting being in another country since Donald’s been elected. Most everyone here can’t understand how someone like him could be elected. The most interesting part is that they even care at all. I can’t think of another country’s election or political appointment that I’ve ever cared about and that’s the case with most Americans I know. Just goes to show how much the rest of the world looks to America as a world leader.

Anyways, on Saturday I met the family I’m Au Pairing for. I don’t want to write too much about this because this is already a really long post so I’ll save my thoughts on that for my next post!

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