I locked the cat in the dishwasher- my first week as an au pair

Ok, so I have been living with my host family for a full week now. They could not be kinder, more welcoming people. There’s the parents, Kate and Dan, and the girls, Dixie (6 years old) and Maisie (8 years old).

My days au pairing (I’m not sure au pair can be used as a verb, but I’m doing it anyways!) are pretty simple.I usually wake up around 6 or 630- just because it gets light out so early here- and go to the kitchen around 7. The girls are usually already up and in their parents’ room. I’ll get their breakfast if they haven’t already had it and then I pack their morning tea and lunch. Morning tea isn’t actually tea, it’s just a snack, usually fruit and crackers. By 730 Kate and Dan have usually left and then I make sure the girls are ready for school. They don’t have to be there till 840 so we usually have time to check out new snapchat filters, tidy their room, or they’ll play. We walk to school which is about 10 minutes away. The rest of the day is mine to do whatever: go to yoga, explore the city, chill at the house. One day a week I’ll vacuum, mop and dust  and I’ll do some laundry on days I’m hanging at the house. The girls are done with school at 3. We’ll come home and have afternoon tea (again, no tea it’s just a snack) and then I’ll make them dinner around 5 or 530. Kate and Dan are usually home around 6 and then I’m pretty much done.


Girls had superhero day at school


I am still getting adjusted to au pair life. It’s very different than any other job I’ve had before. The hardest thing about it has just been getting into the family’s routine and feeling comfortable living in their house. It’s not something I’ve ever done before so I am just taking it one day at a time. I’ve definitely made some mistakes. Example, I locked their kitten in the dishwasher. Phillips the cat joined the family around the same time I did and he is more like a puppy than a kitten. He loves attention and gets into EVERYTHING. If someone opens the pantry, fridge or dishwasher he’ll jump into it. So one day I was washing some dishes in the sink with the dishwasher door down. I got done at the sink and closed the door without thinking anything of it. I hadn’t seen him climb in at all. I go to put my contacts in before we get ready to walk to school and Dixie asks where Phillips is. I say “I’m not sure but I think he was in the kitchen earlier.” About 1 minute later I hear her yell out “He was in the dishwasher!” Needless to say, I felt really bad! He was only in there for a minute or two but still, poor little guy must have been so scared. So now I ALWAYS double and triple check the dishwasher before I close the door.

Phillips the cat

3 thoughts on “I locked the cat in the dishwasher- my first week as an au pair

    1. Hai evocato un pezzo del mio passato, quando ancora mi capitava relativamente di frequente di passare un sabato a Roma e fare due passi per via del Corso, e mentre lei si perdeva tra vestiti e borsette, io cercavo fumetti, tè, porcellane e libri, a volte proprio alle Messaggerie Muac.sli..iAccidenti (eufemismo) al tempo che passa.


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