Weekends out in Sydney

**Posting this late. Originally meant to post on Nov 21st**

This past weekend was technically my second in Sydney but first one that I’ve really done anything worth mentioning. My first weekend was really spent meeting the family and visiting a music festival in Newtown- aka one of the many hipster neighbourhoods in Sydney.

On Saturday I went to the Rocks neighbourhood with another au pair I’ve met, Jess. She’s also an American from Georgia. We went to the Rocks for their weekend market. It was fun just roaming around but everything in the city is SO expensive. I ended up buying a small painting of the harbour for around $18 US. Afterwards, we went to the Opera bar for a drink, neither of us had been. It turned out to be a much more interesting afternoon than we gambled for as we met two English guys who traded us sunscreen for buying bottles of champagne. It was one guys’ birthday, so they were feeling especially celebratory. Now, this was awesome for two reasons: 1) free alcohol and 2) FREE ALCOHOL. A bottle of wine in Syndey costs $40 AUS on average- that’s still about $30 US. So getting free drinks here is CLUTCH. Plus, sitting by the Opera house all day was pretty awesome as well.


On Sunday, Jess and I did the Spit Bridge to Manly Beach walk and it was B-E-A-utiful! Parts of the water were so clear they didn’t look real. It’s about a 10K walk so we were tired after and just explored Manly beach the rest of the day.




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