Saying “See You Later” to Sydney


Here I am again- in a new city, new country, new continent. Two months after settling in Sydney I repacked my 65 L backpack and am now sitting at a very nice hostel/digital collective in Ubud, Bali. It was difficult to make the decision to come to Bali for yoga teacher training, for a few reasons.

I had only just gotten to Sydney when, due to a perfect storm of circumstances, I ended up signing up for a yoga teacher training in Bali this January, though I’d hoped to schedule it in July. This meant saying goodbye to the family I au paired for and the new friends I made. Well not “goodbye” really, but at least “see you later.” That was harder than I thought it would be. Unlike backpacking, my time in Sydney was more living than just traveling so that made leaving a bit sadder. But thinking of all of the wonderful experiences I had, it’s hard to feel anything but grateful. Some top moments I am taking with me from Sydney:

  • Ringing in New Year’s Eve directly across from the Sydney Opera House
  • Learning to surf in Manly
  • Drinking champagne at the Opera Bar
  • Spending Christmas Eve boating near Balmoral
  • Having my future read in Newtown
  • Inventing the “cornament” and other corn-related jokes with my Aussie family
  • Doing the walk from Coogee to Bondi
  • Doing the walk from Spit to Manly
  • Getting to be a part of an Aussie family- so lucky to have met Dan, Kate, Maisie, Dixie and Kayleigh!

Though I was sad to leave my new home, I am very excited for the month to come. Having the opportunity to dive deeper into my yoga practice and be surrounded by people that are eager to do the same will be amazing. I’ve only been in Ubud for a few hours but can already feel what people mean when they say it’s magic. Call it vibes, frequencies, energy, feels- whatever it is, Ubud has good ones. I  meet the rest of the students in a few hours and then it begins. 28 days of intensive practice, meditation, anatomy, history and yogic principles. I. could. NOT. be. more. excited.

From there I will return to Australia. I am meeting two of my best friends- Katie and Erin- in Cairns, where we will spend a few days snorkeling in the reef. Then we will all travel down to Melbourne to see Philips island and explore the city. They’ll fly home and then my plans end. I might stay in Melbourne to jump off to places like Tasmania and Adelaide. Or I might miss Sydney so much I have to go back. Too soon to tell but, for now, I am just feeling happy and present in Ubud.

My home for the next month
Pools and puppies- don’t need much else.

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