Life The Past Few Months

I got a message from my sister today that said “You haven’t blogged since February??” So here I am. Funny how siblings can echo an already nagging voice in your head. I’ve been meaning to write, I really have, it’s just…

Life has been so freaking crazy. The last blog I wrote was on February 25th, meaning I would have been in Hobart, Tasmania. Sitting in a wooden booth at The Pickled Frog Hostel, to be more specific.

Since that time I have:

  • Roadtripped around Tasmania- including Bruny Island, Wineglass Bay and Bay of Fire– with three friends I made at the hostel
  • Roadtripped through the South Island of New Zealand (Arthur’s pass, Fox Glacier, Lake Wanaka, Queenstown, Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook and Kaikora) with my sister, Amy, and friend, Jenn
  • Roadtripped through the North Island of New Zealand (Auckland, Bay of Islands, and Rotorua) with Jenn
  • Traveled back to Sydney and started working as an au pair again
  • Continued freelance writing
  • Started an online bootcamp/course for user experience design

So life has felt a bit hectic these past few months. It’s been a whirlwind of travel, starting this random side career of freelance writing, beginning a journey towards another potential career of UX design, getting back to life as an au pair, trying to keep up my yoga practice….all while attempting to stay present and enjoy each fleeting moment. Because my time abroad is quickly coming to an end.

In less than two weeks I fly home. A few people have asked me if I am excited or dreading it. The true answer is both.

I am excited to see my family. To dance at my cousin’s wedding and celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday. I am excited to sleep in my bed and to have a closet full of clothes, as opposed to rotating through the same eight outfits. I am excited to eat Chipotle and Cracker Barrel. Don’t judge me, their pancakes are delicious. So buttery.

Anywho, yes, I am excited to come home.

But I am also dreading saying goodbye to the new family and friends I have here. I am dreading not being within five meters of amazing sushi at all times. Or really any denomination of Asian food, for that matter. I am apprehensive about drinking coffee in the States because I think Australia might have made me a bit of a coffee snob. I don’t know where I will be able to buy a soy flat white every day? And I am not looking forward to readjusting to driving on the right side of the road.

But the biggest feeling isn’t excitement or dread. It’s just that I have changed. And it’s always hard going home after traveling since few people, if anyone, can relate to the experience. I’ll try explain what I have seen and done, but there is really no conceivable way to do it justice. It’s all too far from normal to make sense.

And that’s the struggle. Going home different and thinking anything will be the same.

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